The Future about NFTs

The Future about NFTs

NFTs are everywhere, i don’t how you define them, but to me they are digital content.

An Instagram post can become an NFT, a work of art can become an NFT.

NFTs are a way of bringing everything digital, artists do not need to know how to program/code, they can continue doing arts but this time selling online, of course in-person auctions are gold, but if you can do it online, you’ve already won.

Am talking about every single career, let it be Book publishers, Musicians, Sculptures, House architectures, Public speakers, Models …e.t.c everything will eventually become an NFT.

There has been this stereo type that in-order to succeed you need to be a programmer, but what if you do not like it or it’s not your passion?

That’s what NFTs is all about, making anything digital, let it be a house mortgage, a business plan, an idea, any can be auctioned online.

PS: Coding is no longer a to-die for skill, like it was in the nineties when we were still using a lot of math, and binary codes, coding is becoming more and more easier.

  • Here’s a fact though, there are many gamers who make more than programmers, similar to artists e.t.c…
  • The future is for the self believers, people with passion in themselves.
  • It’s passion that one makes one to wake up early in the morning full of energy.
  • To find your passion, take yourself back to when you was 15 years old, ask yourself? what was your dreams back then? well before you learned about the BILLS/Money systems.
  • Once you tap into that inner child, bring the child alive, live life as an adult kid, full of hope and dreams.
  • Create more content online, times like this when there’s a pandemic, someone might want to know you, but limited to meet in-person, but hey they can checkout your instagram and see what kind of content you’re putting out.
  • Please just be yourself, you’ll be respected more, and you’ll respect and have courage in yourself more, the killers of dreams is comparing yourself with others.
  • There was a time i used to buy fake-instagram followers, so i could be like the cool kids, honestly this made me more capped, because i couldn’t post with the fear of not receiving the fake-likes.
  • Nowadays am like, yada yada, i love myself so much, otherwise if you do not who will?
  • Anyways be careful not to expose yourselves too much, employers will look for anything to undervalue you, especial employers who are not used to social media.
  • That’s why it’s easier to work with the Kids, they understand life. Life is easier than it should be, so don’t be hard on yourself.
  • Love yourself, after that share the love with anyone around you.
  • Avoid negatives, at all costs. (everyone knows their own negatives, so break them before they turn into a habit).
  • For me it was smoking/drugs… e.t.c
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