Super simple Kubernetes clusters on Digital Ocean

Super simple Kubernetes clusters on Digital Ocean

Wow! I remember the days of configuring a Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

I used to use tectonics by CoreOS team, now it’s just a simple click, without going through all the VPC configurations e.t.c bruh… (gone are those complex days), everyone is doing it, GCP, Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure e.t.c

Now owning a kubernetes is 100% free for the master node, we only be paying for the worker nodes.

Now the tricky part is with hidden fees in VPC, data, storage e.t.c

I appreciate Digital Ocean for squeezing these fees, compared to GCP/AWS that are still playing catching up, GCP now has Autopilot, but still expensive 40ish,onDigitaloceanicanevenruna40ish, on Digital ocean i can even run a 10 monthly cluster. lol

Mind you GCP is the creator of kubernetes.

Anyways OpenShift(Red Hat) acquired CoreOS 3-5 years ago, it’s been doing great things too, especially in the enterprise space.


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