How we use the Worlds best DB as CouchSet

How we use the Worlds best DB as CouchSet

In a year like 2022, business models are always changing to suit the shorter life spans of customers mood-swings (including myself). lol

Now having a database where in order to change the schema, you have to write files (SQL backup migrations), makes me really old … Crickets … Crickets … Crickets …

MySQL/Postgres are widely used, but an edgy enterprise developer like myself, i need something super fast, yet super easy to use, change anytime.

Comes in Couchbase, a really good MongoDB competitor with some super fast indexes, best part is you can run SQL-like queries, making it a swift transition if you’re coming from the MySQL/Postgres world.


This is a crazy idea that turned into a reality.

It’s an ORM, used to create and define the database models/schema/structure, the beautiful part is it can morph itself, i mean code that writes itself.

  • I know super sick fam!
  • Buy me a Redbull. lol

Now using one object definition, Couchset automatically creates for you all other methods CRUD (CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE), now if you love GraphQL, you’re in heaven, it also autogenerates, graphql pagination queries

  • Wow, super sick fam! super sick.

I am always using for all my projects, like in the in-famous RoadmanJS.

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