IBNODE reached 15k downloads

IBNODE reached 15k downloads

It’s the beginning of 2020, the stocks market is super hot, i so look for something to start trading with.

Unfortunately at the time there wasn’t any options for API trading especially if you’re coming from Canada.

Tick tock, i land on Interactive Brokers, but the limit is over $25k, so i signup and save up for it.

  • Now they only have Java/C++ clients, and i am a NodeJS’er, the nodejs i land on a package from fellow programmer from Canada, bad thing is, it’s not maintained.

  • What i do is, i pick it up, re-configure some things and create some super use-able tools out of it.

  • Fast forward months later when i start algo trading, it starts attracting a lot of great developers on GitHub, notably Mat and Utopic who have been developing and maintaining it since then. I highly appreciate their contributions.

  • Now we’re over 15k downloads, the rest is history, we’ve become the most used tool for trading with interactive brokers.

  • Mat even created on for the Cloud, which we’re planning on using for the IBNODE.com cloud.

Drops the mic. Audience goes awwwww awwwww.

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geekwireslackenvatousa todayforbes