The Number 1 backend library

The Number 1 backend library

Ever wanted to build your backends so fast yet so easy to use from the frontend.

You can think of this like ReactJS but for the backend.

You basically create smaller packages, any team can work independently on any package, without knowing what the other team is working on.

  • The main uses of these packages, it to export Backend GraphQL resolvers, database models, and client gql queries at the same time.

  • E.g this Chat package, contains code to create a full featured chat app,

  • Usage from the backend is simple as a way you add a webpack/gatsby plugin

import { roadmanPackage, aResolver, bResolver } from "@roadmanjs/package";

  roadmen: [roadmanPackage], // how to include the entire package
  resolver: [...aResolver, bResolver], // or just some resolvers from it
  • Each package defines it’s require env variables.

  • once it’s added to roadman, you simply open the graphql IDE to see all the added methods/queries/mutations/subscriptions

  • please contact your package developer for these env


Normally a package should also export it’s GQL queries/mutations/subscriptions


import React from "react";
import { useQuery } from "@apollo/client"
import {GET_PAGINATION} from "@roadmanjs/package-client"

const MyCoolComponent = (props: any) => {

    const { loading, error, data } = useQuery(GET_PAGINATION);

    return <div> {... some content } </div>

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